1290 R
1290 R

This is our punk record - pure, raw and straight to the point: speed. Its V-twin, the most powerful one we ever muscled into a street bike, beats the battle drums at 177 hp, while its purebred chassis is set to stay ahead when the straight is devoured. When corners become prey. Even on a bad day, thanks to state-of-the-art rider assistance systems. No, scratch that. Grin amplifiers.

Technical details
Seat height / Ground clearance: 835 / 160
Weight: 189
Fuel tank capacity: 16
Fuel consumption (l/100 km): 6.17
CO2 emission (g/km): 144
Engine capacity cmᶟ / Valves: 1301 / 4
Engine power Kw: 132
Engine torque: 140
Cylinder / Cylinder diameter: 2 / 108 x 71
Stroke: 4
Transmission: MT6
Front suspension travel: 125
The rear suspension travel: 140